Wednesday, 9 March 2011

#2 The Prestige

A pleasant surprise and currently one of my favourites.

I've seen The Prestige multiple times now and I could turn it on and watch it right now again without getting bored. It features two rival stage magicians (played by Hugh Jackman and Christian Bale) competing to create the ultimate illusion and to which lengths each of them is willing to go to achieve it. The film starts off strong and just keeps improving all the way until the end. I can honestly say the first time I watched it, the plot twists kept surprising me over and over again.

So if you ever get a chance to watch this masterpiece, you should definitely do so. It's also one of the few films out there featuring magicians and magic tricks so that's a nice bonus.

I'll be watching some Community, a comedy TV series, later tonight I think so expect another blog post later today!



  1. I really must watch this movie! ty for sharing

  2. Nolan is a genius.
    Check out my b log yesterday about the best movies of all time. Prestige is in it too :D

  3. Did not know that. Have to check it out

  4. loved the prestige. 2 of my fav actors in one movie together with my fav director

  5. I think you convinced me to watch this movie ;D

  6. seems interesting, ill have to net flix it.


  7. still have to see this one
    but community!

    Pierce: You guys think I'm some sort of a joke!
    Jeff: This isn't disproving the theory

  8. Great movie!! I remember there was also "the illusionist" that came out at a similar time. But i definitely like this one better. Christian bale rocks!
    I was about to joke that Chris Nolan Directed it because it has Michael Caine in it, and when I checked I was right! He definitely has a thing for Caine.

  9. Seen it, its pretty awesome.