Wednesday, 9 March 2011

#3 Vampires Suck & Community (TV Series)

Vampires Suck

Wow. What a waste of my time.

Definitely not worth watching. I couldn't even finish this. I figured it'd be decent since Im into most comedies but this was just plain dumb. The humour was generic and there wasn't a single actual funny joke halfway through the movie, at which point I stopped watching.
If you want a good comedy film, there are much better alternatives, I'll blog about some better choices later. Hot tub time machine jumps to mind, for example.


I've only discovered this TV series recently and I must say I'm pleasantly surprised. It combines pretty much every stereotype you'd expect in a comedy, yet comes up with original jokes and ways to portray them. I'm catching up to the second season now and my personal opinion is that the second season is even better than the first. Give it a shot if you're looking for a series to kill your time with!



  1. second season started a bit less strong but then it exploded into hilariousity ;=d

  2. i love community, but havent seen the past 4 episodes, so i should get back to it. :P

  3. Seems like an interesting series gonna check it our.

  4. Vampires suck sucked indeed. It's common for these types of movies (cfr Epic Movie, Meet the Spartans etc; exception: Scary Movie)

    Love Community too! First season got good at about the second half, when you really got to know the characters, second season is better too imo ;D
    Abed is so friggin awesome :D

  5. Abed's one of the funniest tv characters out there if you ask me, awesome indeed.
    And as Wink already said, Vampires Suck really is THAT bad, probably the worst of the ones he's listed too.

  6. Couldn't agree more, terrible film

  7. Im glad i didn't see vampires suck, I am not into the whole twilight thing, but i was planning on checking this out, thanks for saving me the trouble of renting it.

  8. People tell me to check out Community, and I think I might now!

  9. I need to check out Community, nearly everyonetells me how cool it is. But I dont have time or everything oh man I need to watch it anyway^^